The Northern Time Standard

Whitby Watch Co. creates highly customized watches honouring the journeys and achievements of Canadians across the globe throughout history. Life is a journey. Take a limited edition timepiece recognizing Canadian Greatness on Yours.

Whitby 1942 | Special Training School 103
One of the most renowned spies in modern history, Intrepid based his operations on the shores of Lake Ontario in Whitby at the now renowned Camp X. Home to the most sophisticated spy training, technology, and communication operations of the time, Camp X symbolizes both the elite achievements as well as the nameless sacrifice pledged by Canadians to the WWII effort.
To commemorate Sir William Stephenson’s to Canada and the entire the Western World the Whitby Watch Co. honours “The Man Called Intrepid” with its first limited edition luxury timepiece. Crafted to capture the precision and performance required for the execution of special ops, yet designed with an opulence and luxury worthy of any undercover mission, the Intrepid captures the essence of Canadian excellence.

Don’t know much about Sir William Stephenson? Delve into how he became a confidante of Winston Churchill and built an underground network of spies around the world and become the inspiration behind our first Watch.

Protect The WEST | Building the Avro
The Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow was the most sophisticated interceptor aircraft of its time, with speeds exceeding Mach 2 at altitudes of 50,000 feet. The Avro Arrow symbolizes Canada’s commitment to protecting the free world during the Cold War.
Exclusively through WWCo., You can celebrate Canada's contribution to aerospace exploration with the AVRO ARROW MACH II Limited Edition pilot watch, which includes the Royal Canadian Airforce roundel.

Discover the Supersonic Jet Fighter that threatened the Americans and the timepiece honouring this impeccable plane.