Intrepid X | Chrono-Diver | SS

X represents the faceless sacrifice and commitment of countless Special Operations Executive agents.
The X keeps the light in the darkness alive by honouring those who can only be identified as X


This is Intrepid X
Proudly Designed and Assembled in Canada


The foundations for intelligence operations built by true Spy Master Sir William Stephenson (Codename Intrepid) and Camp X in Whitby Ontario, was a small piece of an international effort to swing victory in WWII. Winston Churchill’s secret arm of covert and clandestine operators known as the Special Operations Executive were so secretive even MI6 were unaware of who they were. 

Often solitary, the nature of their hidden operations, serving with resistance fighters, may have never had reports and few had recognition past confidential archives.

The Intrepid X  pays tribute to operatives of the SOE, their missions from 1940 – 1946 and the descendant Canadian intelligence and military organizations. We honour their stories, told or forgotten, by bringing to light the sacrifices they made for our free world.


Each Watch is Numbered and Limited to 150 pieces (Across Stainless Steel & Black)!

Intrepid Package

  • Chrono-Dive | Swiss Automatic Movement - Valjoux 7750  | 44mm Case
  • Stainless Single Clasp Strap WITH "WWCo." 
  • Waterproof Carry Case (Made in Canada) Nanuk 904
  • Official Scottish Intrepid Tartan (Pocket Square)

Assembled in Canada


In the pages of history their names are carved with pride