Canuck Pilot Watch - MK I Steel

Known for its speed and manoeuvrability, the twin turbojet Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck was tailored to suit the primary mission of intercepting and engaging potential aerial threats in all weather conditions.

Paying homage to the ingenuity of Canadian Aviation Manufacturing directs us to the forerunner of the infamous Arvo Arrow. The design team cut their teeth on the CF-100, establishing Canada with world leading original concepts and production in the aviation manufacturing industry. It led a long and spectacular history of Canada’s first all-weather fighter designed and built by Canadians.

This is the Limited Run Canuck Automatic Pilot Watch

*Steel Dial Swatch Colour may vary as we chose a darker swatch for the production run than our finished sample. The dial shown is an estimation of the expected finish.

  • Movement: Swiss Sellita SW200-1 / Automatic
  • Case: 39 MM Aircraft Grade Titanium with Display Caseback
  • Water Resistance: 100 M
  • Lume: C3 Super Luminova®
  • Italian Leather Strap - Tan
  • Waterproof Carry Case (Made in Canada) Nanuk 903

    Designed and Assembled in Canada By WWCo.

    Shipping Included - North America
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    Salute to the Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck All Weather Fighter


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